• Best Youtube Rappers
    Everybody that loves rap music just needs to listen to this up and coming rapper. His name is Ryan Herbert Keogh, he also goes by the name RHK for short. He uploaded his cover to one of Yelawolfs songs to YouTube, we think it just kills every Yelawolf cover on the Internet. The song he covered is called (Pop The Trunk) it’s one of Yelawolfs older songs that blew up. RHK didn’t just cover the song. He does this thing he likes to call “Rap Mash Ups”. What he does is take the lyrics from one song and rap them over the beat of another. RHK has a very unique way of rapping that has a mix of aggression, speed, humour, deepness and plain old craziness. We hope to hear much more from this young rapper.  Follow the links and anchor texts to listen to Ryan Herbert Keogh Do his thing. Make sure to leave a like and subscribe to his YouTube to catch his new songs. Tell him who sent yaJ
    Best Youtube Rappers 


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